A Peaceful Walk

'A Peaceful Walk' is the title of the latest painting sitting on my easel. It's sized at 16" x 20" with deep 1-1/2" sides of gallery wrapped canvas stretched onto a wooden frame.

I like the deep sides as the painting can continue around the canvas as it sits on a wall. It also eliminates the need for a frame.

When starting with this project I wanted to try using a warmer tone as an under-painting. I usually use a light wash of burnt sienna or burnt umber, but for this painting I wanted to emphasize warmth in tones and technique as much as possible. If I remember correctly what you see below is a mix of magenta and titanium white applied liberally to the entire canvas.

Warm Underpainting

I had a rough sketch prepared beforehand. I sketched on a large drawing pad and saved myself the trouble of having to enlarge a smaller sketch to fit the canvas. I used a reference photo from Pixabay by user skeeze which can be found here:

After painting a distant background I transferred the sketch onto the canvas by transferring the original sketch onto tracing paper. I used carbon paper to transfer the image from the tracing paper onto the canvas. The background and sky consists of magenta, pthalo blue, titanium white and cad. yellow dark hue acrylic paints. I blocked in the bridge and pathway and added a base coat of paint for grassy areas.

Continuing through the painting I built the image from the back towards the front, adding bushes and eventually trees, grass and flowery shrubs.

I wanted there to be a lot to look at in this painting and for the eye to be able to venture down the pathway. I hoped the viewer would want to walk the pathway to see what is waiting around the bend. I find details are important in order to keep the viewers' eye busy and mind engaged.

At this point I decided the color scheme I had picked out for the bridge didn't suit things well in terms of how I wanted it to stand out in the painting. I decided to tone things down with darkened, warm hues.

Layers of shadow and light were applied to the scenery and effort was taken to soften the landscape with light washes of light, warm colors. After all, this is a peaceful walk.

16" x 20" acrylic painting by artist Kari Weatherbee
A Peaceful Walk

Thank you for stopping by to visit. I'm not sure when the next painting will begin...I have had sewing projects piling up, and now with work added to the mix I don't get to my easel as much as I'd like. If I have my way I will be sketching again by next week and painting the week after. In the meantime, may God bless.

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